Joining Paths and Circles

I thought I could draw out a gasket in a few minutes. Now after few days of messing with it, I still can’t figure out how to do what I’m trying to accomplish.
I’m trying to join the curved paths at these points so I can trim away the inside nodes to cut only the outline. I’ve tried everything I can find to join them, but I haven’t found the right thing yet. My plan was to create a circular array of this for the other five holes.

This is basically what I was hoping to accomplish.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. I feel like I’ve read and watched everything there is, but I’m sure I’m missing some little trick.

you should start by ungrouping all shapes and lines. first converting your shapes to paths by right clicking selecting “convert to path”. then select the node edit tool. when you hover over the node edit tool it will give you hotkey options. i would use “insert node (I)” and “break node (B)” you must convert any inserted shapes to paths before editing them.

let me know if that helps

if you need i can send you a quick video if you cant figure it out

we will get it.

Thanks. I really appreciate the advice.
Everything was converted to paths and ungrouped. I was playing with the nodes and all the node options, but I couldn’t get anything to work. Your suggestions got me thinking though. I was trying to set a line tangent to a circle and get the two to join. I had inserted nodes, but it never made a difference. After I deleted a section of the circle to make it into an arc, I was able to connect the endpoint of the arc with the endpoint of the line.
There’s probably a more elegant way to do it, but it’ll work for me. Thanks again for your help.

awesome, yeah by deleting a part of the circle you are essentially inserting then breaking that line at the node in two spots then deleting the middle segment. i would correspond the intersecting lines and delete and connect as needed but yes i do believe that the boolean assistant tool may help you weld or intersect the lines and shapes

might also be easier to just edit the outer circle to what you need it to be now that i look at it.



Did you get your gasket design completed in Lightburn?

Another trick. Group the outer circle to the larger circles. Then use the rubber band feature in the arrange tab.


I like it! I did’t think of that, much easier than editing nodes!. I hope the original poster sees this.

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super trick

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me too!

any more super tricks like this you might wanna share …? :money_mouth_face:

Only thing I can think of is if I’m looking for the break in an open shape. I select the shape that is open and use the start from tool. It usually puts the pointer at the break.

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mind blown

Wow! That is BRILLIANT Jeff!
Thank you so much for sharing that. This will be useful for a lot of situations with what I’m working on. It’s really nice when you can save a bunch of work with one click.


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