Joining separate line segments into one continuous vector

Here is my question. I created a shape that had a lot of different lines. I could not find a way to join them (other than node snap) so I grouped them. Now when I select the group the whole design is doing the rotating dashes so I thought it was one line. But when you run it using multiple passes, the line segments I grouped cut one at a time. So, the laser stays on one segment and goes back and forth x passes. I want the laser to go completely around the whole line, making multiple passes. Doing separate sections causes to much heat to build up in one area. When I create a circle it starts as one closed line and will cut around fully for each pass. How do I get my design lines to do the same thing?

I actually just yesterday wrote a fairly extensive writeup on this. Please review here and circle back with any questions:

Thank you so much. That explains a lot. Still struggled for a minute until I realized that I had used group a lot!! Had to ungroup items multiple times to get them back to an node edible mode.

Yeah, honestly multi-level grouping is a little confusing and LightBurn doesn’t do a great job making that obvious. Also be aware that there are some occasional wonkiness with grouping in general that have been observed at times, leading to unpredictable or unexpected situations. From my experience this has only been with importing DXF files but it could be more widespread.

Glad that was helpful. Took a bit to write-up so good to know it’s useful.


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