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I have an image that was sent to me in multiple formats. I am currently working with the .jpg version, but they all have a square bounding box around a round image that I want to engrave. Is there a way to create a mask or something else in LB to remove the extra space around the image in that I don’t want to be a part of the engraving?

You might look at the mask to image feature.

Awesome! thanks!

Most of the time Lightburn deals well with images.

Sometimes what you need to do isn’t really supported by a laser program.

I use Ubuntu and ‘gimp’ for a lot of initial ‘massaging’ of the image. I’ve found many images have a background that I don’t want to engrave. Especially if it’s just sky or something similar.

I use gimp, which is open sourced and available on Windows, I’m sure. However there are many image manipulation programs out there. When I say gimp, put in whatever you want to use…

Gimp has tools that target the background (many other areas also) and make most of this problems rather trivial. It will also let you ‘burn’ and ‘dodge’ or lighten/darken areas of the photo. This is just he tip of the iceberg. There are a ‘ton’ of videos on using gimp. Add to that it’s free…

It’s always nice to post problem images. There is lots of great knowledge around here… and many times you can do it in Lightburn. Of course… learn another software package… but using lightburn for a general text editor isn’t really practical either…

Good luck

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