JPEG image skipping lines

This is the second separate image I have burned that seems to be skipping 2 or more lines but the rest of the photo comes out ok. I looked at the similar topics but none seem to match what I am experiencing exactly. Thanks to the community for any help on this issue.

Photo: Jpeg
Laser:100 Watt
Speed (mm/sec): 100
Max Power (%): 20
Min Power (%): 0
DPI: 127
Image Mode: Jarvis

Machine: Thunder Laser Nova 35
Controller: Ruida
Stepper Motors: High-Speed Hybrid servo motors


did you press “start” or did you upload the file to the laser and start it from the machine?

Enno, I pressed start from Lightburn. Connected to machine via USB cable

Shouldnt do that with scanning jobs, upload to the controller with send, then start the job from the controller.

Hello, few times I have approximately the same problem : one ligne move on the left or right of 3 or 5 mm and all the other lignes are good, I have not find a solution for the moment

Thanks Enno, I will definitely try that and report back asap.

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