Jtech 7W laser and X carve, Cut through 3/32 FRP plastic sheet HELP

I’m trying to cut through some UNISUB WHITE FRP SHEET, the plastic sheet is, 3/32 thick.

Is it possible to cut through it with the 7W pro laser?

I downloaded the library of materials and was using the acrylic material from the list.

Any suggestions on how to edit the thickness and number of passes needed to cut through the FRP plastic?

I’ve tried cutting through but it seems like I need way too many passes to cut through the material.

White reflects most of the diodes wavelenght. It is almost impossible to cut white material.

Can I put tape over the white, and it cut then?

Do you know what FRP is? It stands for Fiber Reinforced Plastic. The Fiber is fiberglass. Doesn’t cut well with laser. The plastic is something you probably don’t want to be breathing when it’s burning.

I put on a very good mask when I’m cutting this stuff with a saw. I wouldn’t try to cut it with a laser.

But, that’s just me…

Yep it’s pretty stinky.

I did wear a mask when I did cut it out with my saw.

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