JTech 7w Pro Laser for Sale

Asking $500 (OBO) + shipping. Sold the CNC and buyer didn’t want it. Has the high resolution lens installed by JTech. Installed on X-Carve and tested to ensure it works but never burned a project. Take a look at the pictures. This comes with the JTech air assist (pump behind sign), IoT relay, laser sign and 3 safety glasses.

Buyer to pay shipping. Shipping inside US only. Local pickup in SE Idaho.

Thank you for looking.

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If you only had this for sale a week ago…

It was but it had a cnc attached to it :slight_smile: Not on here though…

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Thats the exact setup I’ve been eyeballing but was just too much. Sounds like it would’ve been right at my price point with the CNC. The ability to control that third axis and drop the laser would be a game changer. Guess I’ll just save up for a K40.

Please update this listing if sold, I might have the funds and might be able to swing it in a few weeks if you haven’t sold it.

I figure if it doesn’t sell, I’ll get one of the Openbuild Arco frames and enclosure and burn a few things.

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This is going to become a very expensive hobby for me.

What have I gotten myself into?

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Thats why to make stuff to sell that supports your hobby. Or yourself if you can.

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That’s currently what I am trying to do. The issue I have currently is sourcing the right size blanks at the correct price. Once the laser pays for itself I have a $5k budget. Once that pays for itself, I can go up to a production $14k machine.

Has the J-Tech been sold? If not I am interested

Sale is pending.

Thanks, let me know I would like it if I can figure out how to get the money to you and the laser to me, not very tech on money transfers, I do have a Venmo and Paypal account.

The laser has been sold. Thank you everyone for your interest.