Jtech Air assist Kit Causing job to quit

Hello All,

I have a Shapeoko3 XXL with a JTech 7W laser kit. Running on MacBook Pro

I recently got the air assist kit form JTech. I’ve installed at as per the directions on the video. All seems to work and the initial engraving quality looks much better with it.

The only issue I am having is that it the day after installing it all jobs running with air assist on, quit a little over half way. I then have to shut everything down, Shapeoko3, Lightburn and 7W laser to be able to start again.
I think there might be a few factors contributing to this issue.

When I run the job with air assist off (IOT Switch) the job runs to completion.

I know that Lightburn is not the latest version. Since I am planning on upgrading to the new generation (M1) Mac laptops. I plan on upgrading and getting multiple licenses of Lightburn, at that time.

If anyone knows what could be the cause of jobs quitting half way through, please let me know. It’s greatly appreciated!

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