Juddering/Marks on circles

I’ve just rebuilt my machine and it works faster and smoother than ever.

Unfortunately though, when cutting circles the module seems to shake whilst moving and DOES cut a circle but I am left with straight line marks up and down along the length of the curve.

Its is almost like Lightburn has cut my circle into nodes and is executing each part of the circle in a separate move.

On simple curves this doesn’t happen, but on circles, the module VISABLY judders.

Everything is secure, it cuts brilliantly on normal curves and straight lines.

I looked at the circles DXF file and it is only FOUR nodes as I thought that MAYBE it was due to the circle being made up of MANY nodes, but they are not.

I have tried increasing the speed up to a silly level (3000mm/s at 36w(100%)) but it still judders (Just extremely faster!!).

I CAN sand the items after etc, but I’m SURE the module juddering fast isn’t any good for the module!!


A few images would really help us understand the problem :slight_smile:

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What is your curve quality set to?