Jumping on the newbie band wagon:)

We are just leaning this system and getting our feet wet looking which software will work for both our plasma cutter and laser machine. Can some one tell me if in the this software there is a place to have a file that is imported repeated and laid out in the specs for our table. A step and repeat system I guess you could say. So that It drops the file in throughout to use the most of the material possible with out be having to paste and design. IF that makes sense. :slight_smile: We convert into gcode and send to Mach 3 and would be nice to do this in least steps possible. Thank you for your time and help. Its a much easier question in my head then it is to explain, sorry if its confusing.

You can use the grid / array to do a simple version of this, but what you’re likely talking about is called part nesting, and it’s not a simple problem. It’s on our list, but it’s going to take a while to complete. I would suggest a look at SVGNest or DeepNest as a for-now solution. LightBurn’s SVG exports are compatible with them.

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