Jumping Words/Designs/Distorted Output


I have a BossLaser 1630 - 105watt | Rubia 644XS

(I apologize for the lack of technical terms- I am the worst at knowing the correct words.)

I am having an issue with consistency and uniformity in my engraving. I have three major jobs I have been putting off because of this issue and the fact that they are one-of-a-kind pieces. On my lightburn screen - I will have a design or wording and when I engrave it the actual engraving will be very distorted and not lined correctly. It is like the software and the laser are having dyslexic issues and the engraving is jumping (I use that because I am dyslexic and that seems to be the best way to describe it.) This is an issue I have had on both rounds and flat surfaces.

Things I have tried:
1-non bitmap form of wording and bitmap form
2-cleaning lens before each try
3-making sure that words and pictures are welded and grouped
4- I have slowed down engraving
5- masked and unmasked engraving

Pictures below of a trial run on the wine bottle and wood design I have tried. Also, I honestly do not even know if this is a software or an engraving issue.

Screenshot 2021-04-05 100631

Thank you so much already for your help! I need all I can get…


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