Just Another Rotary Setup Question

Thunder Laser Mini 60 with Chuck style rotary. Thunder documentation states that it runs 4000 steps per rev. I can see that setting in Machine Settings. The object I want to engrave is 55.5mm in diameter. My setup looks like this:

I have a rectangle that measures 231mm wide and 174.3mm high. When I click “Frame”, I expect it should make one single complete revolution, but it revolves approximately 1.6 times. No matter what settings I change in the rotary setup, it does the same thing. I’ve set the steps per rev to 400, and I’ve set it to 10000, and the result is identical.

Any ideas?

This may be of some help:

Hey, Brian. It doesn’t matter whether I set the steps per revolution to 10000 or 400 - the rotary moves the same amount. I also noticed that if I jog the rotary one full revolution (~174mm) the display only shows it moving ~95mm.

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