Just bought RDC6442S-B firmware for my Yunneng CNC laser. I also updated my computer from an old Windows XP to a Lenovo ThinkCenter Windows 10. How do I download the latest software to synchronize computer and laser cutter?

RDC6442S-B (ec) software to synchronize my Winodws 10 computer and laser cutter. Thank you!

Oddly enough, when i draw out a perfect circle on the RDWorks graph on my computer, the laser cuts an oval. When i draw a perfect square, the laser cuts a rectangle. Weird.

First this is a Lightburn Forum, RDWorks is not supported as a general rule…

When you say “Bought … firmware” do you mean you upgraded the firmware in the controller?

If this is the case, I hope you saved your previous configuration… All the ‘smarts’ for the laser is in the controller…

There is no way ‘synchronize’ as there is nothing to ‘sync’. Do you mean connect to the Ruida?

If you’re trying to connect to the Ruida, are you using USB or Ethernet?

You can use a 30 day free trail with lightburn…


I upgraded the firmware in the controller and the panel on the laser cutter. They came together. I am using an Ethernet connection with the controller. Thanks for any help you may provide. I would be interested in using Lightburn if it is compatible with my laser cutter.

It will run, just download a ‘free trial’ and see if you like it. Once you use it, you’ll probably be hooked. It is a great work or art.

Stick with the Ethernet, a lot less trouble.

Take the time to go through the setup for the machine. This software is far from ‘plug and play’ as is most that supports cnc type machines.

Once you have completed the ‘setup’ or are in the "machine settings’ save a current copy of your configuration. Lots of the information is put there by the vendor/manufacturer, so it is specific to your machine, not to the Ruida. That way you have a pristine copy that can be archived and restored when needed.

It’s usually wise to ask here before you do something drastic like reset things…

Good luck.


Thanks again for your help!

After the free trial expires, is there a monthly subscription plan? Thanks again!

From the link

If you decide to buy it, we’ll send you a license key that unlocks it permanently, allows installation on up to two machines, and gives you access to free updates for a year. You can read more about the license here and find prices here.

You need to purchase a DSP license for your controller. There is no difference between the trail and licensed versions. It will also work on a grbl machine.

Good luck


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