Just can't recommend Krylon paint

I recently made the mistake of ‘cheaping’ out for Krylon vs Rustoleum paint. Nothing but bad results. If the base layer is NOT recoated within 6 hrs, it’s a full 48 hr wait to top coat, at least the instructions say. Not true. It simply does not accept a 2nd coat after 6 hrs. Period. So, after really bad results 2 days later with the ‘alligatoring’ or cracking when applying a 2nd coat, I waited for 5 days. I sanded with 50 grit, then 120, then 220. 220 grit was the least abrasive I had. I cleaned the tile afterwards with acetone (only solvent I had available and let sit for 3 days.
I just tried recoating and had same exact same issue. It cracked again. Now, I did get one semi good result and I did recoat a tile 3 hrs after the initial. But looking closely, not good the surface is pitted.
Use at your own discretion…but for me it’s a ‘never again’

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I have a thread “New tile engraving method” that would solve all your problems and more. I can almost guarantee you will get perfect results without costly paint or using other chemicals to clean up other than water. Take a look. Ron Clarke.

Thanks…I have been following that. I like to do, sometimes, colored tiles. Multi colored and have had decent results. But this paint man…it’s just bad. In all honesty, it prob isn’t their fault. VOC compliance and all. It’s just so different from the 2X I used, it’s just not engraver friendly.