Just downloaded Laserburn for my new S9 and having issues

I had the trial version of LaserBurn and uninstalled it, then downloaded the paid version. The entire right side panel (showing layers, device info, etc) is blank. Why did the trial version load correctly but not “renistall” of the paid version? I am stumped. thx,

Because you downloaded some knokoff program called LaserBurn instead of LightBurn? :smile:

Seriously though go to the Window menu and turn on the panels you want.

Also just FYI you can drag and drop images into your forum posts, no need for external image sharing sites. I cant actually see your image as file sharing sites are blocked here.

Thanks for the reply and it solved my problem. Sorry for the mix up on the name…all this is new to me ( I tried LaserGRBL and LightBurn at the same time so I guess I got my wires crossed), I think I am faced with significant learning curves but am hoping for the best.

For the start with the S9 I recommend reading this: Quick Start & Overview - Diode Laser Wiki :slight_smile:

Thanks Melvin…I checked out the link and it is a gold mine of helpful information and assistance!
You have saved me hours and hours of learning by trial and error (though I still expect some errors).

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