Just had LB crash on me

Well, this is rather a rarity for me. It’s been a long time since LightBurn crashed on me.

I had some small vector objects on screen and I was removing a few shapes and modifying a few others with the node edit tool. I deleted a bunch of nodes and then decided that I had removed too many so I hit ctrl Z once to go back a bit. Hit ctrl Z a second time and bing, LB was gone. It just instantly closed up shop and went away with no error message. :frowning:

I reopened it and had lost a small it of work but I went back and finished up with no further problems.
It wasn’t a big deal, but it was a surprise and I figured I better report it.

Linux Mint 19.3, LB 9.09, SVG file imported from Inkscape…

My condolences! Was the auto backup version of the file any help? Changing the default auto backup file saving interval down to 1 minute has saved me before.

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