Just how much can you do with the editor

I find inkscape doesn’t always do it for me , how much editing power does this program pack before I even download? I’ll probably have to update my laser board but in the mean time I will work with the program if it’s easier to use

LightBurn’s editor will do a fair amount, and has some powerful features like offsetting, welding, and booleans, in addition to basic shapes, text, and node editing.

Having said that, it’s not intended for the creation of complex artwork - more like last minute touch-ups, cleanup, and cut prep, as well as being capable enough for simple projects. InkScape, CorelDraw, or Illustrator will always be the preferred way to create complex artwork.

You might find LightBurn a good stepping stone on the way to those - it’s fairly intuitive to use, and the concepts will carry over to a more feature-rich package.

I am just starting to learn Lightburn. So far I am blown away by the capabilities that it does have.
I am using mostly for cutting out foam board RC airplanes. Does amazing work.