Just in case ....OMT 60Watt 1:10

If my machine should break I have another in reserve :wink:


Nice unit. Though I worry about the enclosure catching fire and ventilation seems non-existent.

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Did you just do this all in lightburn? Making a model of your shop?

It would be amazing if you could model more of the structure like the bed, gantry, laser head, rails, etc. And have a hinge on the door.

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Come on man, I just unpacked the machine, I need to adjust the mirrors and connect the cooling system. The extraction - I just set the machine into the other machine, it’s clever!


… that’s my plan, but I’ll probably have to scale up a bit.


No Willy not my whole workshop :wink: , but to practice constructing in LightBurn, it’s a nice and relaxing exercise.
I’m happy that new tools are constantly being added to LightBurn.

What took the most time was to measure the “big” machine up so the mini is a “real” copy.

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I haven’t used my laser in a bit I have stuff going on. What did they add?

Did you design it all in LightBurn or another program?

I do everything in LightBurn.
That with the new tools is generally meant, I have had LightBurn since 2018 and in these few years, LightBurn is becoming full grown. There are still some important drawing features missing but for the most part I can compensate with some other tools for that.
I’m always looking forward to Oz and Co. comes up with something new. I just hope the Galvo expansion does not run with it all :wink:
If you’re missing a little update on the latest stuff, here’s the link News - Development updates and bug fixes – LightBurn Software

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I just downloaded it, I’ll be checking it out soon. Thanks!

Where did you get the cool file? Share?

I got some help from LightBurn :wink: , the rest I made myself.

OMT-Model60Watt.lbrn2 (97.6 KB)

Except for 1 part, all parts should be 1:10 and for 3mm material.
Be careful of the layer settings, they will probably not fit your machine.

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Thank you. Very cool file! But when I open it I get these 2 messages.

Is there a new version of LB?

What’s a DIM?

But after I click Yes and OK it looks good.

I’m in a beta test group, but the file also works fine in the latest official version. The font is a single line font, try searching here in the forum on SHX font.


Thank you very much, Sir.