Just seen that K50 blue and white 50W laser has an upgraded DSP is it compatable

Just about raised enough money to get a 50w and when to look on eBay today to order i have noticed they are now shipping with a different controller is it lightburn compatable?

There are some 50w that come with a ruida, which would be compatible, but you have to be very careful because your picture is not of a Ruida, that’s a different controller, not sure which one.

Hi ray i know its not a ruida. i want a ruida but all the 50w are now coming with this dsp on eBay.I dont know manufacturer. i want the ruida one but there are none this is the new 2019 stock. so stuck as wanted ruida 644 with electric bed and but non out there eek.

Quite a few people find themselves talking to the seller to get whatever machine they want with a Ruida controller in it.

That said, I remember once where the seller said it was a Ruida in it and it ended up being something else. Fun times.

tell me about had a seller who had the right spec machine but been waiting on a payout now i have it threes non out there gutted. as just reworked the work shop to fit the 50w machine.dont want to drop £1300 on a machine that is useless as love lightburn with my k40 and your PCB. but need a bigger machine. i dont have the time to do a openbuild.

You could still replace a DSP with the C3D board. Would take a bit more rewiring than the K40 swap, but the fundamentals are simple.

Ray always the sales man but no if i am paying £1300 i want it right out the box. not much detail as dont say if it rdworks or what software it will use.

Funny, I’ve also been told the exact opposite.
For me it’s more about “hey, in case you didn’t know, you can technically do this.”

usually love to mod as you well know but this is for work for me and the wife’s little side project so want it to be lightburn compatible as most of my designs are already done. have just asked a seller of a green and black machine some questions as running out of options unless i deal direct with china.

will update on what it is in the picture once i have a answer from the seller.

Now isn’t typically the best time to be looking for a Chinese laser. The Christmas stock has run out and they are currently all on the Chinese New Year holiday. March to April is when you will start finding more of a selection and better pricing.

planing to order beginning of March will look again then as don’t want the DSP that is pictured. have found a model in green and black with all the right things in pictures have messaged the seller. see what they come back with.

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Yep. Fewer ebay sellers/laser builders are shipping with Ruida these days. As you know, it is all about cost with them. Ruida controllers cost a bit more than the offerings from competitors so the builders are moving away from Ruida to save a buck. That unit doesn’t look like the common Leetro or Trocen/Anywells controllers but maybe it is a new model from one of those two companies which I haven’t seen yet.

At least that seller is showing a clear picture of the controller to let you know. I have noticed a trend where sellers are not showing closeups of controllers like in the past. My guess is that this allows them the freedom to change suppliers at will without being liable for shipping a machine which doesn’t have the controller shown in the ad.

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The best is the amount that are showing electric beds then when you ask it turns out not. or the Ethernet connection when its not.

True. You have to ask lots of questions to confirm things so you have it “in writing” in case they ship something else. I was very lucky with my machine and received a decent tube and controller. There wasn’t as much information on the internet 2.5 years ago to help newbies understand the different options but now there is so much helpful information for the uninitiated.

i have had my k40 for over a year have heavly modifed it but time for somthing bigger. i have been watching Russels Learning lab but want to run with light burn as love the software and have already got my head around it.

3 more nights of rearranging my work shop and i am ready for new machine. space wise

got 2 choices now see what the sellers come back with one both from Germany ware houses.

been doing my research since before Christmas. but going to hold off till beginning of march.