Just starting getting an error that says check limits

I just got my engraver --first one ever first it was not homing just banging again and again in the left front corner now its not banging but the wheels keep turning and i get a message saying to check limits. NO idea what i need to do please help I am getting very frustrated

There are 2 limit switches on your laser. One that is triggered when the laser head goes far left and one that gets triggered when the laser head moves far forward.

Without the laser being on, manually move the laser head to the far left position to address the X-axis switch. Do you hear an audible click? If not, look for the switch (it will look like a small push button situated beneath the gantry near the frame) and determine what’s impeding the switch from being triggered. Clear the obstacle that’s blocking this from happening.

If X-axis switch is working, move to Y-axis. I’m guessing this is the one not actually triggering. The switch is a relatively large toggle and should be attached to an acrylic piece that’s bolted to the left side frame. Again, check that the switch is being triggered. You will hear a click. If not, again, check for what’s impeding the switch from being triggered. Typically this will be because the laser head is not clearing the frame or because the trigger has been mounted too close to the front of the frame.

If both of the switches are actually being triggered make sure that the cables connecting the switches are connected to the right port on the controller and that the cables are well seated. Make sure there is no damage to the cables.

Once these issues are addressed homing should work correctly.

thank you I did get that working now the laser wont fire ugh… searching for a solution on that now

Can you describe exactly what you’re doing when you say it’s not firing?

Also, please try these things:

  1. Go to Edit->Device Settings and turn on “Enable laser fire button”
  2. In Move window there should now be a fire button. raise the power percentage up to 0.5% and press Fire. Make sure you’re wearing your goggles when you do this. Do you see a beam and has the fan on the laser module turned on? Raise the power up to 3% to see a light. Make sure there’s nothing of value underneath the beam when you do this.

If you get no fan and no light that means somehow the laser module is not turning on. Double check your connections.

got it thank you…

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