K40 - aurdino due - lightburn

Has anyone ever set up a k40 with an aurdino due board to run lightburn.

I have been told it can be done but im having a nightmare figuring it out

Any help would be greatly appreciated

If your Arduino is running grbl it should work OK…

It’s had to offer recommendations when we have no idea of the nightmares you are encountering…

Does Lightburn connect to your board?


Its mainly thr pin outputs. I have had a bit of sucess today as i managed to get the board to shownon lightburn and can control the stepper motors but im stuck on the pins for laser control

Do you have a pot/meter on your console for power control?

There are a couple of ways of wiring these, but I don’t really know what you have there…


How does your power meter work? I don’t see any connections for it in the information …

Many times this is used to supply a dc voltage to the IN terminal of the lps… where does it go?


If you’re building a controller, It doesn’t Run LightBurn per se. The controller you’d want to build would just be a friendly robot that LightBurn talks to.

Step 1 for a project of unknowns is a Literature Review. :slight_smile:

These might get you moving toward your goal.

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