K40 cant connect

Using a differeny pc neje laser works but k40 wont connect ,but did before using dsp upgrade licence but k40 through meerk40 still wont connect


To make sure I understand what you’re trying to do…

You’re saying you’re using meerk40t’s Ruida emulation to connect LightBurn to your K40? But it’s not working on the new PC?

If so, please help me understand the following:

Does the original PC still connect to the K40 using LightBurn?
2. Are you able to connect to K40 from Meerk40t on the different PC (as-in not using LightBurn)?
3. Are you using the same license key on both PCs?
4. How are you connecting your PC to the K40?

the original pc broke ,so installed MeerK40t and lightburn on the new one, i have the dsp licence for lightburn installed exactly before still no sucess
the previous pc had MeerK40t and lightburn and connected fine to the k40 laser

Can you connect to the laser using Meerk40t? Leaving LightBurn out of the picture? If no, then need to first sort that out.

Do you have the requisite drivers installed?

sorry me being stupid, installed k4 whisper which installed libUSB Driver which i think was the problem as all working now, Thanks for your help

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