K40 laser cutter never powers off

I have a K40 laser cutter. When the laser is cutting or engraving and changes IT´S position it never powers off. could it be some lightburn configuration that I have to modify?

What controller are you using in your K40?

I use smoothieboard.

Thank you for your answer.

This is a very complicated question to answer without knowing the details of your wiring and how you have set things up in your config file. Those details would probably be a good place to start.

You’re right: for the question to be more understandable, you’ll find attached a picture with the wire connexions in the smoothieboard.
You’ll also find attached the file .config of my K40.

After having checked the gcode, the m3 and m5 do not appear, only one m3 at the beginning and one M5 at the end. That’s why it does not turn off THROUGHOUT the process, although I do not know why.

Could it be a lightburn configuration?

With Smoothieware, G0 are non-cutting moves and disable the laser automatically, so there’s no need to insert extra M5/M3 commands - that’s standard behavior. @raykholo - Can you advise whether we’re using the CNC or the laser version of Smoothieware?

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The G28.2 homing command and whatnot that LightBurn sends all rely on the CNC build of
Smoothieware. There is no “laser version” of Smoothieware, the G1 X10 S0.6 F600 syntax works fine in all Smoothie builds. Anything that relies on M3 is a hack and not the proper way to implement the laser control module of Smoothie.

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