K40 locks up when I hit the start button

I’m using a K40 with the new Cohesion3d controller with Lightburn. The only way it will run without locking up is by using the cohesion3D smoothie. I had ordered the Cohesion3D GRBL controller which I’m told works better than the smoothie version. Is the Smoothie device the only way I can run my machine.

They are the same controller - you just copy different firmware onto the SD card.

See C3D’s documentation on their site for this, here: https://cohesion3d.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/5000740838-grbl-lpc-for-cohesion3d-mini

He has LaserBoard, these are the wrong files. Consult the C3D documentation forum section for the correct grbl files for laserboard.

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