K40 Monport motherboard upgrade

Hi I have ordered a new Monport motherboard for upgrading that useless one on the K40 and for using my lightburn program, I have an issue connecting that 12 wire strip Flat Cable Ribbon (I would need to identify each pins origin) to the monport board can anybody help?

You may want to consider getting an upgrade board that supports the ribbon cable. It’s not much of a drop-in replacement if you need to make modifications. And if you need to make modifications there’s likely cheaper/better options available.

Mini Gerbil 3 and Cohesion 3D boards both include ribbon cable support.

If you want to pursue the ribbon cable pinout then check the PIN Out Map from Mini Gerbil 3 site. They have a pinout diagram that will get you what you need.

Mini Gerbil v3 (MG3) – 2 axis controller for K40 laser cutter – AwesomeTech

Thank you very much berianlb

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