K40 not homing can't cut more then 1

Hello folks, I have to make 50 of each from file attached on acrylic on my k40 with Smoothie on C3D. I cut 50 of the one with big holes, one at a time and it is cutting ok. After about 20 of them, the laser doen’t go back to origin properly, I have to move it back manually. Second problem, if I try to cut more the 1 at a time, the x and y dont get in the proper location, messing the first part (overlap). Also, when I try engraving and cutting the one with text, the engraving gets messy as well, text overlapping.
I have checked gantry square, and checked for proper belt tension. When the is no power to the laser, both x and y are moving very smoothely by hand. I have reduced the fast whitespace to 5 mm/s thinking it might be going too fast and loosing a step. Also attached is a capture of device setting…
Can you help, please…! Thanks in advance

nom allergene.lbrn2 (76.4 KB)

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