K40 trying to cut way out of limits

I still think we are missing my entire issue here, if you notice the item I’m trying to cut is in the far right of the workspace. the machine doesn’t even try going to that side when cutting. I agree I don’t think its as much as a software issue anymore, I believe something has happened to the 3dboard itself after the first job had completed.

The horrid buzzing noise you hear at the start is the motor attempting to make that move, but failing miserably because it’s being commanded to move too fast. Then the horrible banging noise you hear on the way back is it hitting the left side because it thinks it’s farther to the right than it is.

You’ve seen your board and machine. I’ve seen a few thousand of them at this point, and recognize certain issues when I see them. Have you tried changing the settings I’ve told you to change? If not, you can continue to go do whatever troubleshooting you think needs doing. When you’re ready for help again, I’ll be here.

I have changed everything you instructed except for the seek rate. Did you watch the second video? some of the changes made it not fight itself quite as much but still will not work in the desired area. I’m going to try and change the seek rate now.

Yes I watched it. It’s the same problem. It might help for you to just post your whole config file here. If anything is really out of whack I’d likely notice.

changed the default seek rate to 19200 I will try it now

I will post my config, that didn’t change anything. Regardless you have been a lot of help thus far and I do appreciate it.

config.txt (28.4 KB)

You have alpha_acceleration and beta_acceleration in the file as well, so those are probably overriding your 1200 setting. Change them too.

You can probably go to 1.0 for current without hurting anything, but I’d try maybe 0.7 and 0.9 next if the acceleration doesn’t help, and once it’s been running for a while, check the steppers to make sure they’re not too hot. They will be quite warm, and technically can get hot enough to burn you while still within spec, but try the accel first.

Oz your the man, after 8+ hours of on and off tinkering with this %$#*) the current values you provided finally got it working correctly again. I have no ida what happened to the config after the first project but I’m glad you were able to get me going again.

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