K40 Upgrade and License

K40 keeps being not detectable installing software didn’t help even as one piece showed up but said wasn’t supported need drivers If possibly.

Have you replaced the controller for the machine or otherwise purchase a K40 with a pre-upgraded controller? And if so, to what?

If you have not, then be aware that K40 lasers come with boards that are not compatible with LightBurn. They will not work out of the box.

As PY stated the stock K40 comes with a M2Nano board which is not on the supported list for LIghtBurn. There are 3 free apps which do work with it:



A controller upgrade can get you working with LIghtBurn.

So basically yes all the K40 not compatible stuff I knew already I purchased a mod build from EBay thinking since the K40 Upgrade controller board wasn’t in box it was already installed nope apparently seller shipped that separately.

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Great. Let us know if you have any issues getting it going. And there is a maker forum specifically for this K40 stuff at http://forum.makerforums.info There is also a good HowTo/Intro section linked at the top of the K40 section.

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