K40 with c3d mini smoothieware, output at laser is 50% of LightBurn

My cuts/engraves on the laser are 50% of what is in LightBurn. e.g.- if I create a 100mm x 100mm square in LB, the resulting cut is a 50x50mm square on the laser. This did not happen until I upgraded to the C3D board and LightBurn. I’m sure this is a setting somewhere but don’t know where. I’m using the default config for the c3d board and have only set the bed size in LB. Any suggestions on what needs to be changed? Thanks for the help.

This was answered on the C3D Forum here:

For future reference, please do not post the same question on both forums. The people from both companies are on both forums and this just creates additional work for everybody.

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