K50 Laser gets error at extreme ends of movement

I recently purchased a K50 (50 watt laser) and I get an error at the extremes of the travel when I try to cut something large. Before it even starts it says, Frame Slop Error, hit enter to continue, or escape to stop.

Anybody know what to do about this?



i suspect this is an error message that needs some more work.

i have seen this when i have objects really near the edge of the maximum bed size.

i move them away from the edge and the “slop” error goes away.

yesterday i had a similar error when engraving very near the origin of the bed … i had the scan speed set very high, and the error went away when i lowered the scan speed. this would be due to the over-run which allows for deceleration of the cutting head.

Thank you…


i have to keep at least 1 square or sligtly less from edge of bed other wise i get this error on my 50w