K50 laser ruida burning traversal lines

i have just upgraded from k4o 3d cohesion to a K50 dsp ruida and it is burning traversal lines i know on old laser just changed $30 settings but all i can see on forum for dsp is possible power unit what else can i try before writting off psu

The possible cause to what you are observing has not changed. :slight_smile:

I haven’t done this, but you could probably confirm that L-On1 is going low during the transversal move. L-On1 turns on the laser. If it goes low when the laser should not fire, that points to the controller.

L-On1 is usually wired to L of the lps and LPWM1 to lps IN. If you have a ‘pot’ (power control) like a K40 wired to IN of the lps, this isn’t applicable.

You don’t need the lps ‘on’ to do this… you can do a ‘dry’ run without it.

Should be an easy check. If you don’t understand how to check this, please ask.

Good luck


not sure what you mean sorry.l-on1 is a black wire goes to 3rd pin on psu and lpwm1 is green wire goes to 5 pin on psu as far as i can see

so if im reading this right my L-on1 is going to L and my LPWM1 is going to IN
which sounds like opposite to what you said??

oh no that is correct

This is the proper way to use the Ruida. Many ‘change out’ the original controller and it’s wired a bit differently.

Ruida LPS
L-On1 L

Post 2 from Rick is probably the issue… But measuring the voltage will confirm/deny it.


So mine is wired right only just bought it second hand guy said all he had done was changed tube and then never got round to using it. So dont know if to go psu or controller

I told you how to check it… didn’t understand?

I have no idea what the ‘3rd pin’ is. The wire color meaning is not of much use for these Chinese machines.

These are marked by some kind of indicator to what it does. Use what’s marked on the device if possible.


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