Kamera bei unterschiedlichen Materialien immer neu Versatz justieren? (Always readjust the camera offset with different materials?)

Ich habe meine Kamera erfolgreich kalibriert.
Problem ist: Ich Laser ein Muster auf 1mm Material, mache ein neues Bild, Stelle den Versatz ein sodass es perfekt passt, speichere es ab und exportiere die Einstellung unter 1mm Fokus. Laser ich das gleiche muster nun auf 5mm Material passt es wieder nicht. Ich stelle den Versatz ein, speichere und exportiere die Einstellung auf 5mm Fokus. wechsel ich nun wieder auf 1mm Material muss ich eigentlich die Einstellung 1mm Fokus importieren. Mache ich aber die Einstellungen werden nicht verändert. Es bleibt die Einstellung unverändert. Muss ich denn die Verstz-Werte verschiedener Materialen aufschreiben und Handschriftlich eingeben?

I have successfully calibrated my camera.
Problem is: I laser a pattern on 1mm material, take a new picture, adjust the offset so that it fits perfectly, save it and export the setting under 1mm focus. If I laser the same pattern on 5mm material, it doesn’t fit again. I set the offset, save and export the setting to 5mm focus. If I change back to 1mm material, I actually have to import the 1mm focus setting. I do but the settings are not changed. The setting remains unchanged. Do I have to write down the offset values ​​of different materials and enter them by hand?

I am not sure that I have understood you completely correctly, but, camera calibration is always on the surface of the subject, ie. on the laser focus point. Therefore, it is irrelevant what material or thickness of material it is about, camera and laser focus are the same.
example, I calibrate my camera on the target template, made of 3mm cardboard, afterwards I will use the machine with 5mm acrylic. I focus the laser on the surface of my workpiece and can then use my camera with the same precision again as on the surface of my 3mm cardboard.
I only adjust or recalibrate my camera when there have been changes to my camera mount.
Hope that clarifies your question.

I suspect the user doesn’t have a moving bed. Rather, the material height is changing distance to camera.

ok, I didn’t think of that, you’re probably right.
But in this case, where you cannot maintain your static distance from the workpiece to the camera, the camera use for different material thicknesses is not really useful.

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