Keeping items Grouped when importing an SVG

Just wondering if there’s a setting that I’m missing that keeps items grouped when importing them as an SVG.

Hi Jackie…

The options for files are in ‘Edit → Settings → File Settings’

The specification for SVG is on the right, but you might try ‘group imported shapes’.

I’m hoping someone comes along that has dealt with the internal structure of an SVG to be able to tell us if we can do this or not.

Good luck…


What @jkwilborn is describing will have the entire SVG come in a single grouped object.

Is this what you’re looking for? One thing to keep in mind is that LighBurn doesn’t really have a concept of compound paths that’s distinct from groups. Groups handle both regular grouping and compound path scenarios.

No, I am looking for each piece within the entire project to be grouped.

I don’t think I’ve seen already grouped items in an SVG come in as ungrouped once imported.

Can you share a file where this is occurring?

I’m pretty clueless about the internal structures of an SVG. I did see this a while back… Is this one of the unsupported modification to SVG or am I on the wrong street…?

Thanks for coming to our rescue…


The 2 circles and 2 hearts are individually grouped when I create the file. When I import it to Lightburn, they are separate circles and separate hearts.
circle and heart grouping example|0x0

What program did you use to generate the SVG?

When loading that file I get the same behavior as you.

However, when I review the SVG in Inkscape I can see that all 4 shapes are grouped together as a single object. Ungrouping the object reveals 4 separate shapes and no additional levels of grouping.

Try importing this modified copy of the file where I’ve grouped the 2 sets of shapes individually in Inkscape. You’ll need to right click on the image and do “Save image as”.


when you create it in inkscape and then import to Lightburn, the circles stay grouped and the hearts stay grouped?

thanks for the info. I don’t understand the codes but I understand the concept. Is there a way to only have 2 entities created?

Yes. Can you save the SVG file I uploaded to test? Right-click on the image and save image. It will save as an SVG.

I don’t see a file.

It’s a little tricky because there’s no actual link. You’re likely to see just a portion of an image. You need to right-click on the image itself. I’m using a dark theme and so even more exaggerated for me. This is what I see:

Just right-click somewhere on the image a couple of replies up where I first ask you to test. Then save image as.

I didn’t see an svg file either…


Try this. Go to the post depicted in this screenshot and right click where specified:

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