Keeping Original Tool Settings between projects?

Is there a setting I can use to keep the tool layer settings unique for a job in my Art Library? For example on layer 00 I set line speed at 5,000 at 50% power. On a different project I set layer 00 at line speed of 2,500 at 65% power. When I bring it in, some of the settings are from the previous.

Am amazed at the ability of Lightburn! Still learning (on my own) and from this forum. Thanks to all of you who spend a few minutes addressing other users questions.

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I have the same question…phased a little differently…my assumption is when you are finished modifying a project, you exit out of it by doing a “save” or “save as” which saves all the unique parameters in one file. Then you would click on “new” to clear out the work space. Then you can either open an existing file or import in a new image for another project. When I do the above procedure the first layer is residual and appears in my new project. It doesn’t seem to flush out of the work space…What am I doing wrong?

In Edit → Settings → File Settings, check or uncheck Load Default Layer Settings on New or Restart as desired.

Then tweak the settings using the various Default buttons on the Cut Settings Editor window for each layer.

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Thank you for your quick response. I’m new to Laser Engraving and Lightburn so please bear with me…I am using the latest Mac version of Lightburn on an xTool/D1Pro…I don’t see the “Edit/Settings/File Settings” option, I do have the “Machine & Device Settings” but nothing for Files. However when I am in an individual cut layer, at the bottom, I noticed “Reset/Default/All” buttons that retain previous settings. Therefore, I can assign values to various layers…example “00” could be Engraving and “04” could be cutting…and then use those preassigned layers when I want to accomplish a certain function…is that what you meant in your response, or did I miss the boat? Once again, I appreciate your experienced advice

Someone with more Mac experience may chime in, but apparently those setting are hidden somewhere else in your menu tree that’s “more standard” for Apple machines; I have no idea where to look.

Bonus: if you have Beginner mode turned on, you won’t see some absolutely vital settings. Of course, the Beginner switch is in the same menu as the one you can’t find. :grin:

All search algorithms degenerate to linear, so just poke around until you find something interesting.

The very buttons!

The main switch controls whether or not the current value of those settings gets clobbered when you start with a clean workspace, so it’s worth tracking down if things are / aren’t behaving the way you expect / want.

OK…I will keep poking around and I will let you know if I find them…Thanks

In the macOS parlance, these ‘Settings’ pages are known as ‘Preferences’ and found under the main ‘LightBurn’ menu.

Additionally, you can access them by hitting the ‘Gears’ icon near the top-center, or use the default hotkey (⌘ + ,) to pop it open.

Load default layer settings on new or restart …more

Colors normally start with their last used settings. If this option is enabled, a new drawing will have a clean slate with default color settings for all layers. Default settings can be updated using the “Make Default” Button in the Cut Settings Editor. If this option is enabled, it may make sense to also use Material Libraries to store layer settings and make them easy to reuse.

Defaults and Changing Between Files more…

Colors normally start with their last used settings, but if you wish you can set LightBurn to load default settings for each layer when you create a new file. If this option is enabled, a new drawing will have a clean slate with default color settings for all layers.

Working With Defaults more…

At the bottom of the Cut Settings Editor, there are three buttons to manage layer default settings.

Make Default: Remember the settings for this palette color. Whatever your current settings are will become the default for this color.

Reset to Default: Reset the layer to the default settings.

Make Default for All: Your current layer settings will become the default for all palette colors.

Layer defaults are separate from material libraries, and you will likely find it useful to use the two together. A common use for layer defaults is to set up layers with common cut settings for your own projects, and then use material libraries to apply settings for different materials and processes.

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