Kerf offset -0,25 / 0 / +0,25 in 1 run / layer


I’d like to burn a font with thicker lines, but I don’t want to fill it as it is a PVC material which is very sensitive and if it is to hot it melts and makes bubbles.

So my best results I get so far is, when I do a Kerf offset with -0,25 / 0 / +0,25.
Is there any chance to combine this into 1 run, so that I don’t have to change the offset or to create multiple same text with 3 different layers?
It would be already enough, if I could assign multiple layer to one object.

Much better would be of course if the layer would support the function to define these 3 lines.

Has anybody a good idea for me?

Many thanks

There is no simple way to do this in LightBurn unfortunately - no one has ever asked for such a thing before.

What if you just offset the text?

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Hello Jesper,
great, that’s exactly what I need :slight_smile:
many thanks
great help !
KR Peter

The material is vinyl? Vinyl releases chlorine gas when cut. That is very poisonous, and also corrosive. We NEVER allow vinyl in our laser! On an older laser cutter, someone cut vinyl, and all the steel in the machine rusted overnight.

vinyl is not the problem it is the chlorine.

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