Kerf offset -0,25 / 0 / +0,25 in 1 run / layer


I’d like to burn a font with thicker lines, but I don’t want to fill it as it is a PVC material which is very sensitive and if it is to hot it melts and makes bubbles.

So my best results I get so far is, when I do a Kerf offset with -0,25 / 0 / +0,25.
Is there any chance to combine this into 1 run, so that I don’t have to change the offset or to create multiple same text with 3 different layers?
It would be already enough, if I could assign multiple layer to one object.

Much better would be of course if the layer would support the function to define these 3 lines.

Has anybody a good idea for me?

Many thanks

There is no simple way to do this in LightBurn unfortunately - no one has ever asked for such a thing before.

What if you just offset the text?

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Hello Jesper,
great, that’s exactly what I need :slight_smile:
many thanks
great help !
KR Peter