Kerf Offset cuts two lines?

This is probably a newbie question, but for a specific design I am cutting a shape. I have it set to one pass though it seems to be doing two. Then I tried a kerf offset to compensate for the kerf and then it cut two lines – the original and one for the kerf.

I have tried “delete duplicates” and I do not have any duplicate shapes here.

In other designs, one pass does ONE pass. And I thought kerf offset was supposed to just do an offset and not cut the original size and then the kerf compensation.

What am I doing wrong here?

upload the Lightburn file so we can take a look at it. It might have overlapping lines that Lightburn isn’t deleting.

Thanks for the quick response. Here’s what I’m trying to cut. I removed the kerf offset but for some reason it’s cutting the lines twice.
Chalkboard Inserts for Nespresso Holder.lbrn2 (30.7 KB)

You have shapes that are offset about 0.013" from one another.

Wow. I feel silly. I do not recall making duplicate offset shapes on this one. Guess I have to inspect it closer.
Thank you!

I am pretty sure that it was designed in a different program like AI, and it had a 1pt stroke that was outlined.

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