Kerf Offset on MAC - Unable to enter number larger than 0.19685

LB 1.3.01 MacOS

I am unable to

  • Type a Kerf Offset large or smaller than 0.19685
  • Use Arrow Keys to move the number in either the + or - direction past 0.19685

I am however able to enter ANY number in the KERF OFFSET I want on the PC version of LB 1.3.01

You’re in inch mode. There is no laser that has a kerf of more than about 0.2mm, so why would you need such a large value?

If you want to generate a larger offset, just use the Offset tool and you can offset your shapes as large as you wish.

I certainly was in INCHES!

Changing back to MM worked to enter. Measuring the kerf on our Omtech 130W CO2 came out to 0.235.

0.235mm would be 0.009252 inches, so you could enter that as well. (divide by 25.4 to convert mm to inches)

Happy it was that easy. :slight_smile:

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Well, the NASA laser that measures the moon’s distance from earth, has about a 1M output beam size and it’s about 10 miles in diameter when it hits the moon …

At least according to NASA…

Doubt they’ll use Lightburn to engrave the man in the moon with it, so you’re probably safe with that number… :face_with_spiral_eyes:


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