Kerf setting not taking effect

I was playing around with the kerf setting in LB today, which I have never used.
I was using it because I am trying to figure out how I want to do my design work flow.
For examble, I have 3mm material, and to make it easier I was going to draw with 3mm thickness in Sketchup, and adjust the tightness of the fit with kerf in LB.

But when I changed the settings in LB nothing was changing, I even tried setting it to a crazy amount like 1mm and 2mm and still it did nothing.

Also, if this workflow I described is not a good way to design things please let me know.

Your workflow is fine. But I do not understand the issue you describe as I am able to apply a kerf to the shape I am cutting. What controller drives your system?

In the example below I have 2 squares, one black, the other gray and both are the same size, sitting on top of each other, and set to ‘Line’. I added a kerf to the gray layer cut settings (shown) and show the results in the ‘Preview’ window.

I have a Ruida controller.
Mine does not show any difference in the previewer for kerf either.
I made two rectangles, one with kerf, one without, and centered them on each other, both look identical and overlay exactly on each other.

What does it look like in your ‘Preview’ window if you zoom way in as I did in my example? Also show the ‘Cut Settings Editor’ window for this layer so we can take a quick look.

Found out what my issue was, the shape I was testing was not closed.
There was a corner, where the two line met at 90 degrees, but the lines extended passed each other just a tine bit.
Had to zoom way in to see it. Once I used the node editor to snap with at a 90 its working now, and showing in the preview.
Not sure how that happened, but hope that doesnt pop up alot, could be very hard to find that in a more complicated design.

Thanks for the help.

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