Kerf settings and how to use it

So I understand the idea behind kerf and accounting for it. At least to a degree. What I am trying to wrap my head around it is how to leverage that in LightBurn.

Example would be putting a corner together. The slot is measuring 2x20mm but the tab to fit the slot is measuring 1.8x19.8mm. So if I wanted to account for this kerf how would I go about it? Would I set it on for the outside? If I did that would it do that for the whole thing. Would suddenly the tab be 2x20mm but the slot would then be 1.8x19.8mm?

Should I instead of accounting for a .1mm kerf do .05mm kerf? Would that cause enough adjustments in theory for the slot and tab to fit snugly together?

If you added a +0.05 kerf to the slots, and a -0.05 kerf to the holes, that sounds like it would do what you need. You don’t have to add it to both - you could just add a 0.1mm kerf to one of them, and leave the other alone, and that would work too.

@LightBurn - if it’s not mentioned elsewhere in the manual or help you might want to let folks know that the kerf adjustments only show up on the preview screen. It took me a while to figure that out and I chased my tail for a bit until I worked it out.

If that doesn’t make sense I can post some examples of what I mean.

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