KEYPAD JOG - Laser head does not run in the direction of the arrow


I am still using the test version at the moment, a really great program. I noticed that when I use the keyboard to move the laser head, the laser always runs in a strange direction. Always diagonally, never horizontal or vertically. Do you have any idea what this could be? It is a GRBL FluidNC board.

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My Fluid NC board is still in the box but I’ve been reading up on this. There are 6 configurable motor drivers and these have incredible flexibility in configuration.

Are all four keyboard driven jog directions involved?

Some FLUID NC configurations are designed for twinned motors - Two motors running opposite (or mirrored) directions nose-to-nose to supply enough torque to move heavier machines or a spindle quickly.

In the Console window in LightBurn, you can look at the instructions sent to the Fluid NC controller and see if it is reacting as commanded by the jog commands, or if it is reacting not as requested. Copy and paste some of the Keyboard jog dialogue into a reply here so we can confirm the behaviour is different from the request.

If the commands sent to the controller are requesting movement on one axis and motion on two axes are observed, the config file may be configured to run the other axis motor as a mirrored first axis motor.

This can happen if the diagonal motion is only active when commanding one axis and if the other axis is not responding to commands. It may be easier to to move the stepper driver and the stepper motor connector to another port on the Fluid NC board.

Hello, thank you for the answer.
I bought a K40 FluidNC Shield, the configuration was already included. So I have unfortunately quite little knowledge of this. Try to understand it…

All keyboard controlled jog directions are affected. Have tested briefly and it is so:
(keyboard → laser head)
right → laser moves down to the right
down → laser moves down right
left → laser moves down
up → laser moves to the right
9 → laser moves to the right
3 → Laser moves right down
1 → Laser moves down
7 → without function

If I click the buttons on MOVE with the mouse everything runs correctly. Also with a project, everything is executed correctly, only with the keyboard movement not.

I made a short test:
Home → then right clicked with the mouse in MOVE. Then again Home → then with the keyboard on right.

Then I read the following in the console:

Is in the uploaded image

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