Klingersil C-4430 2mm gasket

I’m asked if I could help cut a gasket with a special, non-standard measure.
The material is Klingersil C-4430 2mm, which is used for high temperatures and high pressures, for various liquids.
I succeeded, with a total of 3 passes at 65% -17mA and 15mm / s.
(I have not experimented with the settings, second attempt with 2 extra passes and the result was approved)
The problem with this material is that the items become extremely hot and hold the heat for a relatively long time. There is not much charring and the result could be used.

What’s the stuff made out of?


I do not know, asbestos ?, silicone concrete …? have no idea but it is something special and you can also get it with a steel fabric as an intermediate layer.

By the way, I just had to state that my little red laser pointer could not handle the fireworks that occur when cutting in this material. :unamused:


That’s exactly the material :+1:

Just mask it with tape before you cut so it’s nice and clean.

Unfortunately it will not work here, so much fireworks are produced during the process that the tape will just burn off. My red dot diode, which is approx. 30mm away from the focus point, got melted / ruined the surface of its small lens.
It could happen that with significantly more air pressure, better and safer results can be achieved, but I would rather be free to work with this gasket material on a daily basis.

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Out of curiosity, I emailed the manufacturer of that material and asked about safety and cutting with a CO2 laser. This is their reply.


We do not recommend using laser cutters on our materials.

This causes burns on the material and can cause failure of the gasket.

We recommend using an atom flash cutter or die cutting.

We have no information with laser cutters.

Thank you.

Kim Weldy

Internal Sales

Sounds like it’s an issue with premature failure from the cutting process. I guess it depends on what the gasket is for… If it’s for the space station, I would ‘pass’… :crazy_face:


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no no, it was just a seal for the local district heating plant, I was glad I could help but will certainly not make a major production in this material