Knife work for 1sr time

Had a someone ask me to mark a knife for a kid going into the Marines next week. Nothing special but I’ve never done a knife before. Didn’t have a lot of room to work with, but I think it turned out pretty good, they were happy.


That looks amazing, I assume you used a marking ink? if so, what was it?

Thanks very much


Thanks, yes I used Laserbond 100. I think it’s a little high priced. But a buddy of mine found some stuff on Amazon that cheaper and works just as well. It’s called brilliance laser inks. Below are links for both.

Thanks Josh, you’re not kidding it’s expensive! Can’t find the brilliance ink in the UK at the moment, but I can get Cermark. I’ll wait 'till I have a real need for it!!



Have you tried engraving through mustard?

English or French it works!

No I haven’t, might try that.

I was very pleasantly surprised at the results on highly polished stainless steel.
I think it must burn the mustard to carbon and carbonize the steel.
Anyhoo it tastes nice (c:

it works??

can we see some results?

Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?

But seriously… mustard?
Any particular style, flavor, or brand?
How thick do you apply it? Just enough to evenly coat I assume?

Sorry been busy, just a thin coat of any mustard I use english.
If I get time I’ll do a video.

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I’ve used Cemark and CRC Dry Moly. The Cemark is higher contrast, but the Dry Moly isn’t bad and certainly wins the price comparison!
@Gary_G, I’m looking forward to the Mustard demonstration.
Laser type, Speeds, and power would be useful…

30mm per second 50% power on a 60W thunder laser.
Masking the area with tape then applying mustard works best, a few passes depending on how dark you want the engraving.
It does leave a little over burning but it can be polished off.
Sorry for the delay but to be honest it took a while to find something that would not engrave to use the mustard on.

I’ve marked Stainless Steel using wet paper towel, I’ve no idea how it works but I can’t remove it unless I damage the metal, I’ve only tested it so far and not used it on customers parts.
I can’t remember the settings I used either but it wasn’t at the top end of my 80w CO2.


Thanks for the demo! It looked like yellow mustard in the video. Was it any special kind?
The price is certainly better than Cemark! I think the contrast is better with CRC Dry Moly. In either of those two cases, the product lasts a LONG time.

Also, they’re not as messy, however you can’t put either one on a hot dog! :rofl:

I think any mustard or indeed any carbon-based sauce would work.

I suppose it depends on your taste :blush:
If I was engraving metal for a customer I suppose I would use a developed product or was it developed from a sauce? :thinking:

Hmm I wonder if graphite would work?

The Dry Moly is along those lines with the added benefit of having the powered molybdenum suspended in the carrier. The moly then bonds to the stainless steel. I haven’t tried it on regular steel, but it works well on SS.

I have a can of graphite lubricant that I have used to mark stainless steel pet tags with and it definitely works. I am not sure if it is better than the brilliance laser ink which I just got last night and wasn’t excited about the results from my first attempt using it