KT332N Cont. and Light Burn

I have a KT332N Cont Everytime I use lightburn it gives me a Y or a X or XY frame error I know the size is not bigger than the machine. I can put the file in rdworks and the machine cuts it any clue to what is going on

Did you go through the setup for Lightburn?

Sounds like Lightburn is not configured properly…


‘Edit → Device Settings’ that size and Origin are correct.

In the Laser window, ‘Start From’ and ‘Job Origin’ settings.

Any/all of these could be an issue.

If you possible, can you post the .lbrn2 file. It’s always nice to eliminate any of these issues and gives us an idea of what you are doing.

Good luck


yes I did all of that I have four laser running Lightburn This new one just dont like it

Since you have a couple of these … I can leave off the kit gloves…

It’s telling you it will go out of the machine space if it proceeds. If it specifies an axis, that axes is going out of bounds.

Both ‘start from’ and ‘job origin’, and origin set on the controller. If you run ‘absolute coords’ does it frame.

In simple terms, you think it’s in the work area, but it knows differently. So, something is not configured properly or you are mistaken about size… If you try to ‘save’ a file that Lightburn knows is too large, it will warn you.

So I’m betting it’s not setup somehow.

Can you jog it the proper directions with the Lightburn ‘move’ and/or console?

Does the X and Y coordinates in the controller window increase/decrease in the right directions?


Yes I have check and rechecked everything it will frame the job but it won’t run it I can put the same job in rdworks and it works fine I have been making this file for 15 years It is not bigger than the work space. It lightburn not telling the control what to do. It will frame in absolute and user just won’t run I can jog if I move top to bottom the numbers get bigger if I move right to left the numbers get bigger just like it should. It will save the file with no problem.

You are probably too close to the edge of your work area. It could frame, but when it adds on overscan it may go out of bounds.

Can you slow it down and lower the overscan…

What is the scan area and how big is your work area?


Sorry None of that was the problem

I have the same controller, is there anything I can test for you with my machine and LightBurn? However, I do not have RDWorks.

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