Kudos to whomever mentioned Zinsser 1.2.3 spray primer for white tiles

That was a nice mention. Definitely darker black than the standard rustoleum version using both my CO2 and diode laser and actually my Eleksmaker could never get the Rustoleum white primer to fuse…could barely get it to burn even at 600mm/m and 90 power.

How do you clean it off the tile afterward? I think that’s Shellac based so Denatured Alcohol should work, but is it as fast to remove as the Rust-Oleum 2X with Lacquer thinner?
Got any pics or exposure details?

I can get pics later. I still use thinner…but might try denatured as I have both. I find it a bit easier to remove than Rustoleum.

This is on white tile running on a 50 watt CO2 laser with a 2.5 inch lens at 55/16.5 @ 290 DPI

Thanks! That’s Glazed White Tile? 55mm/min?

Yep glazed tile from Lowe’s…55mm/min at 15.5% power on a 50watt co2.

Great! Thanks! I’ve got a can coming in, I’ll give it a try!

I did a little experiment with tiles the ones on the left wee done with Rust-Oleum XX flat white spray paint. The paint was removed with acetone.
The two on the right are are with Zinsser Bull’s Eye Water-Base prime & Seale Interior paint. I painted a single layer with cheap paint brush. I used the same settings on all four tiles. It washed off with hot soapy water and a scrub brush…

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