Labeling Pieces Without Burning the Labels

I’m looking for a way to include reference labels for my pieces as drawn in the software, but NOT burn them into the pieces.

I want to be able to write instructions like “glue tab A into notch B” in the project notes and by looking at the pieces on the screen, remember which was tab A. I know I could etch it beside the piece, but there’s not always room.

I also realized last night that I could include text and set the power to 0%, which would probably work in a pinch, but it would be nice to not need to spend time making laser trace out text that isn’t being burned.

Is there a feature/technique I’m missing?

LightBurn provides the Tools Layers for items you want in the job that will not output, used for jig placement, alignment shapes, text reminders and other items not intended for output.

Tool Layers

There are 2 special layers at the end of the cut palette, labeled T1 and T2. These are Tool Layers and are purely for creating non-output shapes in your designs. These layers have no cut parameters and will never be output to the laser. For example you could use them for:


We also offer a Project Notes for each file generated.

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Awesome! Thank you Rick!

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