Lacquer Stik on acrylic

I am trying to add instructions to a mask pattern cut template. Is there a better way

to fill in the QR code with black. The lacquer stik is a mess and doesn’t scan very well.

Go for a much simpler QR code
Use a tiny url generator
Mask and spray
Use a wax stick

The main issue is reading the QR? You have a very complex one. Simplify it. The longer/more complex a URL, the finer and more complex the QR code.

This page in normal format and tinyurl at 130mm.

I used the qr creator in the tools tab. I also put the link used in the QR in text. I’ll try your wax stick idea, thanks.

I get that. But the problem you’re having is that your resolution in that material isn’t good enough to give a sharp, QR-readable image to read successfully, due to the length and complexity of your link. Use a tiny url generator as the source for the QR, and keep the full name for the engraving.

Two things helped. I put it on some white paper and I didn’t fill the square in scanner camera window. I tried moving the camera in circles and it beeped when I gave up. It seems counter intuitive, but a small image in the window works better than the large close up.

Try using this for to shorten your URL code then use the tiny URL to generate a simple QR Code as per @Bonjour suggestion



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I wouldnt worry about filling in the instruction text. And would use a laser label for that QR code and the URL. You could print out hundreds of them in a few minutes and stick them on, no playing around with that filler stuff. Ive never gotten rub and buff to work well.

Good suggestions. I mainly wanted try some new things for fun. Now I have to mail it to my sister to see if it is useful or not.