Laguna Laser with Lightburn 8mp 75

I have had issues with the update overlay not working. I have erased LB from my computer and done a fresh install. Still not working

The screen blinks and flashes a Light-burn and version for a second and goes back to the non overlay screen. Please help me, I’m going crazy!

Version of Windows you are using? I am not aware of this “…screen blinks and flashes a Light-burn and version for a second…” behavior. Can you get a screen-grab when this happens? Does this camera work from other applications, outside LightBurn.

We just released an update, have you had a chance to try that to see if things have been resolved? Worth a check. :slight_smile:

I got it to work, all set and aligned. The issue now the orientation of my laser, is upside down from what i view on my screen.

As viewed on my screen, I have the word “test” in the bottom left corner. When it prints, it is upside down, and prints from the top right.

Any suggestions?

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