Lamp and Bell Enable

Within Manufacturing Setting on the Ruida RDC 6445G there is a section for Lamp and Bell enable. Does anyone know what this means?

I believe there is an output on the Ruida that enables when the job is complete - perhaps you are referring to this? It is covered somewhat in the manual. Can you provide more info on what settings you are referring to?

Thanks for responding.

Ruida 6445G Controller
Menu > Manufacturing Settings > Lamp config

Have you seen this? :slight_smile: I did a search for “lamp” and found what I think you are interested in.

Thanks for replying. I have the manual but there is no reference to this at all. That’s why I am asking here.

It’s for a “stack light” to let an operator know about the state of a particular machine in a room full of machines.


Interesting, that would make sense. I wonder how it would interface to the controller? There are a couple GP outputs, so I suspect they might be used. Don’t think I have any use for this option though. Nice to know a little more about this controller with the manual not really being very explicit at times.


Further to this discussion. I hooked up LED’s to the GP outputs OUT1 and OUT2.
Without Lamp/Bell enabled, I discovered OUT1 turned on when the Controller was Idle. For example during a Reset or running a job the light went off. When Stopped or Pausing the light went on.

OUT2 appears to be a fault or alarm indicator. For example, if Water Protect is enabled and there is no water flow or Door Protection is enabled and the Door/Lid is opened then the light will turn on and prevent movement and laser operation.

With Lamp Enabled and trying different lamp scenarios the OUT1 and Out2 did not behave any different from above.

Ohhhh. I want a stack light on my machine now! :slight_smile:

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