Landroid Wheel Spikes

My robot lawnmower was struggling with the soft grass and would often dig itself a hole with the wheels spinning and going nowhere. Designed some screw on spikes in Lightburn. These are cut from perspex, not sure how long they will last, if they don’t I’ll have them cut out of aluminium.


Looking very good - Me like! :slight_smile:
You might want to consider few layers of plexiglass and half of the spikes with holes for fertilizing your grass while mowing it. just a wild thought as I know nothing about lawnmowers.

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If the acrylic snaps because it is too brittle, you might consider Delrin. That might be cheaper than paying someone else with a more powerful laser to cut aluminum.

My thoughts exactly!

Cheers :beers:


The wheels spikes have worked very well so far, but the perspex will wear out, so I’ve had a set made out of aluminium with an Isle of Man Three Legs design.

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