Landroid Wheel Spikes

My robot lawnmower was struggling with the soft grass and would often dig itself a hole with the wheels spinning and going nowhere. Designed some screw on spikes in Lightburn. These are cut from perspex, not sure how long they will last, if they don’t I’ll have them cut out of aluminium.


Looking very good - Me like! :slight_smile:
You might want to consider few layers of plexiglass and half of the spikes with holes for fertilizing your grass while mowing it. just a wild thought as I know nothing about lawnmowers.

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If the acrylic snaps because it is too brittle, you might consider Delrin. That might be cheaper than paying someone else with a more powerful laser to cut aluminum.

My thoughts exactly!

Cheers :beers:


The wheels spikes have worked very well so far, but the perspex will wear out, so I’ve had a set made out of aluminium with an Isle of Man Three Legs design.


Hello Ash, sorry this reply is a little ‘post’ your post, but I’ve just come across your solution to the wheel traction issue. I have a sloping lawn and frequent ‘Outside the Wire’ issues. I’d be very interested to know whether the aluminium spikes have solved your problem? They look great! Were they costly to have made? I can buy an aluminium set for $AU120 which strikes me as fairly pricey. Another issue I have is that the mower travels some distance over pavers which may wear the metal and possibly abrade the pavers? I had been thinking plastic but there is the question of durability, which you’ve already encountered.


I got someone local to cut them using a cnc plasma, I don’t remember the cost, but it was cheaper than buying the ready made ones, I would suggest you do what I did, cut them out of thick perspex first and see how you get one.

My mower no longer gets stuck, so it was an improvement.

My Landroid has just escaped its perimeter three times inside half an hour, so I’m more than keen to see what spikes can do. Thanks for your suggestion.