Language gcode for Macro

hello I would like to create one or two macros to position the burner at my request where I want but I do not know the gcode language, can you explain it to me?
I have a two trees burner.
If I type:
X100 Y100
It goes to position X100 Y100, am I right?
Is there a command to go to the center, or do I have to find the coordinates?
thank you

You don’t need a macro. If you go to the move window, jog your laser to where you want it you can create a saved position. Just use the get position and use those numbers.

Thanks, I didn’t see that option here. To find the center I have to search it manually or is there a possibility to find it by the software?

If you know the size of the bed, just use the move to position (half the x/y size) and save it as centre or whatever you like.

Thanks, I’ll find it that way.

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