Laptop Software or User inexperience?

Hello community,
This is my first post after joining in January, so I hope it’s in the right place.
I searched the database to see if these issues had been raised previously without success.

I have been using my Ortur Laser & LightBurn for about 6 weeks so I’m still a beginner on a steep learning curve.
I have alas come across two problems.
My first problem is what to do to recover from a laptop shutdown when partially through a laser project. Not having any previous experience with this issue, I rebooted the laptop, scraped the work and start again. Is there a way once the laptop has rebooted, to start lasering from the point the laptop shutdown?

My second issue is with laser errors. I have noticed on two occasions during a long laser burn some of the image has been burnt twice, in different locations. Since the model is fine, and the only similarity on both occasions has been the laptop goning into sleep mode, can this be the cause of the error?
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

In ‘Preview’, you can use the slider to move through the job and place where the job stopped. Then, ‘Start Here’ for potions to ‘Start’, ‘Send’, or ‘Save’ from that point to completion.

If you share an image, so we can “see” what you are observing, that might help, but anytime your laptop enters Sleep Mode things can happen. I would turn all sleep behavior, including USB ports, to OFF when working with the laser to avoid this in the future. :slight_smile:

Hi Rick,
Thank you for your quick reply.
I have already changed my settings to never for screen turn off and pc sleep but I can’t see any controls for the USB Ports, where would I find them?

I have also uploaded a picture as requested

You have not offered which OS you are running, or I could point you. Google will return complete instructions.

Not to worry, I found it.

Thank you.

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If you were to indicate what you found, or where, you could help other users who come across this topic in the future.

Hi Oz,
Thank you for your comment, however I would like to ensure that the actions cure the issue before publishing a resolution.

Finally solved the issue.

For those interested in preventing Windows 10 turning off the computer screen, sending the PC to sleep or turning off the USB ports see the following. Which incidentally has nothing to do with this issue.

To turn off sleep and screen function:

Type power in the taskbar search box

Select Power & Sleep settings

Screen – select Never in the “When plugged in, turn off after” drop down box

Sleep – select Never in the “When plugged in, PC goes to sleep after” drop down box

To stop the USB ports from being turned off for power management:

Type Device in the taskbar search box.

Select Device Manager.

Scroll down to the “Universal serial Bus Controllers” and left click the >

Scroll down and right click on the first “USB Root Hub” entry and select properties, a box opens up, select “Power Management” (top right hand side of the box) and take the tick out of the “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” box.

This can be done for “USB Root Hub (USB 3.0)” entries as well.

For those interested in the investigation and resolution:

Its user error, I failed to consider the weight of the Ortur laser Master 2 laser head and consequently its momentum when rapidly changing direction at 1200 mm/min.

The duplications are the line part of the Line & fill, which happens after the fill and due to the laser movement and belt slippage, placed them in random locations.

My resolution was to design mounts to bolt to the base of the laser box with slots to take the Ortur feet. The laser can be lifted out of the stops for cleaning, unrestricted access to the spoil board and template. Also tensioned the belts.


Thanks for the solution mate.

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